ERASysAPP 1st Call

In November 2013, the ERA-Net ERASysAPP launched its first joint transnational call on «Transforming Systems Biology Knowledge into Applications» which aimes to encourage scientists from different countries and disciplines to collaborate and share resources across national borders.

The call focused mainly on application-oriented research approaches to tackle major scientific and societal challenges. The proposals covered a wide spectrum of topics within the area of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, from research in biological processes in animals, plants and microorganisms to health related aspects.

32 eligible proposals, involving 196 partners from 15 countries were submitted. The proposals were assessed in a one-step peer-review process involving internationally renowned experts. The top 7 proposals comprising more than 46 research groups from 10 countries were chosen to receive funding. Funded projects are expected to start in autumn 2014, according to national regulations.

The projects encompass a broad range of topics, e.g. environmentally friendly techniques to meet the increasing worldwide demand for metals from sulphide ores, Viral replication with a view to obtain universal antivirals less prone to develop resistance and combined experimental and modelling approaches that exploit genome-scale models to identify global cancer-specific alterations.

List of funded projects submitted to the 1st Call

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Project Title
Project Coordinator
Systems Biology of acidophile biofilms for efficient metal extraction
Mark Dopson, Linnaeus University, Sweden
Designer microbial communities for fermented milk products: A Systems Biology Approach
Kiran Patil, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany
SysVirDrug: Translating systems virology data into broad-spectrum antiviral drugs
Lars Kaderali, Technische Universitšt Dresden, Germany
Systems biology of bacterial methylotrophy for biotechnological products from methanol
Trygve Brautaset, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Norway
Integrating Modelling of Metabolism and Signalling towards an Application in Liver Cancer
Ursula Klingmüller, German Cancer Research Center, Germany
GMO free systems optimization of wine yeast for wine production by massive scale directed evolution
Eivind Almaas, Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU), Norway
Increasing crops biomass by uncovering the circadian clock network using dynamical models
Jorge Goncalves, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg