Data Management

FAIRDOM project: Next generation of data and model management services in Europe

This short video explains what is data management and why do you need it in interdisciplinary life sciences.

FAIRDOM is a joint action of the ERA-Net ERASysAPP and the European Research Infrastructure ISBE to establish a Europe-wide model for sustainable data and model management services in the life sciences. Four funding agencies from Germany (BMBF), UK (BBSRC), Switzerland ( and Netherlands (NWO) are jointly funding this initiative.

FAIRDOM builds on the outcomes of the successful SysMO-DB and SyBIT data management projects, uniting their tool and database development as well as their experience in serving large systems biology projects. The mission of FAIRDOM is to enable Systems Biology projects to make their data, operating procedures and models ‘FAIR’:  Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.

FAIRDOM provides sustainable data management solutions for ERASysAPP projects

FAIRDOM will be supporting ERASysAPP projects in the management of systems biology research assets. A central infrastructure for the management, exchange and archiving of data, together with IT tools and services will assure that scientific data and models will be available for further research. The data sharing policy associated with this work is available here.

Further information including the data sharing policy for ERASysAPP projects :

Knowledge exchange supported by FAIRDOM

In order to establish data and model management know-how locally and to guarantee sustainable, standardized data management, FAIRDOM organizes and supports events.

A catalogue of upcoming courses and user meetings supported by FAIRDOM can be found here (

More information on FAIRDOM, the partners, services and software can be found on the FAIRDOM Homepage (

Standards for Systems Biology

ERASysAPP supports the development and usage of community standards for Systems Biology. Thus, the ERA-Net joined forces with the  'COmputational Modeling in BIology' NEtwork (COMBINE), an initiative that coordinates the development of community standards and formats for computational models. The activities of COMBINE include the support of events, for example the Harmony-Hackaton in April 2015 (funded by BMBF) or the standards tutorial during the ICSB 2014 in Melbourne, which was sponsored by ERASysAPP.

Major COMBINE standards and a comprehensive catalogue of related formats can be found here.