From June 9 – 14, 2013 the Summer School ‘Modeling for Systems Biology’ took place at the CRG Center for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona, Spain.

In an inspiring setting right next to the beach 24 participants from all over Europe dived into the topic of Systems Biology. The main focus of this course was set on modeling of networks. On the first day students were introduced to basic mathematical concepts and Matlab, a high-level programming language for numerical computation and visualization. During the next five days the following topics were covered:

  • Dynamical systems theory, networks
  • Stochastic systems
  • Multivariate and multidimensional data analysis
  • Parameter inference, reverse engineering
  • Modeling tissue morphogenesis and signaling

The theoretical concepts taught by an international team of speakers were accompanied by a series of hands-on exercises. Those practical sessions intended not only to deepen the knowledge of the lectures, but to ease the transfer of newly gained skills into daily research activities, and were received very well. The program was complemented by social events that gave the students a good opportunity for networking.
Opinion of the participants: ‘Inspiring experience despite hard stuff’. Over all, the course was rated ‘very good’ by the participants. Not only the venue and the organization got ‘excellent’ feedback. The expectations of the students were met very well. Regarding the practical sessions, the content and support granted were overall rated ‘very good’. Considering this response it is no wonder that the recommendation rate for this course is 100%.

Joint efforts leading to success

This summer school was a joint initiative between the CRG and, the Swiss Initiative in Systems Biology, and was supported by ERASysAPP.