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The ERA-Net Cofund on Biotechnologies is a new ERA-Net Cofund Action under Horizon 2020 that will build upon the achievements of ERA-IB2 (ERA-Net for Industrial Biotechnology 2), ERASysAPP (ERA-Net for Applied Systems Biology) and ERASynBio (ERA-Net for Synthetic Biology). For more information visit

The first CoBioTech joint call for proposals which is co-funded by the European Commission has been published. Submission deadline for pre-proposals is 2 March 2017, 13:00. For more information visit


The Systems Medicine Web Hub

The Systems Medicine Web Hub is the Internet Hub for information related to Systems Medicine, integrating a range of social media channels to support scientists, projects and initiatives with the communication of their efforts.

The benefits for scientists are the increased visibility and dissemination of their research and the more effective search for information, results and partners. Funding bodies benefits by the maximised impact of projects and initiatives. The Hub increases complementarity and decreasing overlaps.

The Hub's mission is to help shaping a systems medicine community and to serve that community with news and information. Contributions are kept deliberately concise and can thus easily be submitted through a simple web form at The news are subsequently distributed through various channels, including Twitter (@sysmednet), Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.


Community website for European systems biologists: New features available now

In the course of ISBE ( an online platform for systems-biology fascinated persons was launched. At researchers can navigate through systems biology relevant information or network with peers all over Europe. Registered members of the community are able to post their profiles, add events or contribute information about tools, resources and publications. You would like to share your ideas with the systems biology community or know what your peers think? Then visit the debate platform and post your opinion online.
Visit the ISBE Community Website now and contribute to its success.


Retrospect: Successful Course on Data Integration in the Life Sciences

February 2-6, 2015 at the Lorentz Center, Leiden, the Netherlands

Molecules, cells, tissues and organs work together to form robust living organisms. In the past decade, many new and powerful technologies have been developed that enable researchers to collect huge amounts of information about each of these components of life, such as multiple ‘omics technologies, microscopy and other imaging methods.


Workshops “Networking industry-academia” and “Networking of research centres”

Luxembourg, 07-09. October 2015

7.-9. October 2015 two ERASysAPP workshops will take place in Luxembourg at the new research campus in Belval with the aim to facilitate collaboration at different levels by identifying and reducing the impact of different hurdles.


Looking back: Cyprus welcomes ERASysAPP course on metabolic modeling

ERASysAPP Course on Stoichiometric and Kinetic Modeling of Biochemical Networks, October 6-10, 2014 in Larnaca, Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the participating countries of the ERA-Net for Applied Systems Biology, ERASysAPP. In order to stimulate the local systems biology community and give participants an understanding of the beauty of modeling, the task leaders of the ERASySAPP work package Training and Exchange decided to organize a training event on modeling in sunny Cyprus.


Announcement – 2nd Transnational ERASysAPP Call for Proposals

ERASysAPP, the ERA-Net for Applied Systems Biology Research, has launched its second joint call for proposals on October 29 2014. The network partners call on research teams from ten participating countries to set up international research consortia and to submit joint project proposals. By means of this transnational call, ERASysAPP aims to encourage scientists to collaborate and share resources beyond national boundaries.


FAIRDOM project: Next generation of data and model management services in Europe

In order to support ERASySAPP funded projects with Data and Model Management the FAIRDOM project was launched in spring 2014. This joint initiative of three funding agencies from Germany (BMBF/PtJ), Switzerland ( and UK (BBSRC) aims at developing a central platform and new services to facilitate the collaboration between European systems biology research groups.


ERASysAPP promotes education and training of young scientists

The European research network ERASysAPP has expanded the information and services available on its website. One click on the ‘Training & Exchange’ menu opens up a variety of offers, ranging from courses to graduate study programs and an exchange platform for educational material.


ERASysAPP Foundry Workshop

Heidelberg, Germany, 6th – 7th October 2014

ERASysAPP Systems Biology Data Management Foundry Data management is generally recognized as a crucially important but challenging part of Systems Biology. Data management systems that are useful, usable and used are difficult to get right. It is not easy to find out about already existing software, or the state of standards that could or should be adopted.

Following the outstanding success of the Systems Biology Software Developers Workshop in 2012, we hereby invite to the next meeting in the series that enables practitioners in the field to meet like-minded scientists, show their working and upcoming developments, and give opportunities to team up.


ERASysAPP organizes Modelling Course on Cyprus

Larnaca, Cyprus from October 6-10, 2014

In summer 2013 ERASysAPP executed an online survey to determine training needs of Systems Biologists. The results showed, that Modelling is one of the most wanted topics. Thus, ERASysAPP decided to organize a training event on ‘Stoichiometric and Kinetic Modelling of Biochemical Networks’ which will take place in Larnaca, Cyprus from October 6-10, 2014.


Looking back at the 5th Advanced Lecture Course on Systems Biology 2014

March 2-8, 2014 at the Hotel Grauer Bär in Innsbruck, Austria

Only a little snow, but nevertheless an inspiring course awaited the participants of the Advanced Lecture Course on Systems Biology, which was supported by ERASySAPP, and BMBF. During this intense week of training, 120 students delved into a range of current topics in systems biology including cellular decision making and medical systems biology.


ERASysAPP supported Summer Course on ‘Modeling for Systems Biology 2013’ in Barcelona

From June 9 – 14, 2013 the Summer School ‘Modeling for Systems Biology’ took place at the CRG Center for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona, Spain. In an inspiring setting ...


International Course in Yeast Systems Biology 2013 supported by ERASysAPP

From June 3-10, 2013 the 6th International Course in Yeast Systems Biology (ICYSB) took place at the Lundberg Laboratory of the University of Gothenburg, a major forum for cellular and molecular research in Sweden. In a stimulating atmosphere ...


Launch of ERASysAPP

ERASysAPP has been launched successfully as novel ERA-Net on Systems Biology Applications during on its Kick-off Meeting in Brussels on January 29th - 30th, 2013. Following the first and basic steps of the implementation of the ERA-Net working infrastructure, the partners have started a discussion on putative topics of the first ERASysAPP joint transnational translational Systems Biology which is to be launched in November 2013. This call will be the first one of a series of three joint calls in the funding time of ERASysAPP.