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Strategic Research Agenda – Systems Biology in Europe 2016
The ERASysAPP Strategic Research Agenda - Systems Biology (SRA) 2016 updates and expands the previous SRA on systems biology that was published in 2008 during the ERASysBio programme.

Substantial national and European investments in systems biology in the past decade have resulted in the integration of systems biology in the life sciences, including health-related research and industrial biotechnology. The combination of modern large-scale data acquisition technologies with model-based data integration has been shown to be a strong approach towards understanding how complex biological systems function.

The Strategic Research Agenda - Systems Biology in Europe 2016 addresses five key issues.
 -Funding collaborative research: need for novel types of funding schemes
 -Academia and industry: make SMEs aware of the opportunities of systems biology
 -Data and model management: make research assets re-usable over longer periods of time
 -Education and training: introduce computational modelling and data integration in curricula
 -Research infrastructures: make optimal use of European research infrastructures

Each chapter results in a number of concrete recommendations that are directed to scientists, funding organisations, industry and policy makers.

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Reports on Networking Workshops
Networking workshops to improve the collaboration between academic institutions and academic institutions and industry have been organised focusing on different issues of collaboration. The resulting reports can be downloaded from the links below:
workshop “Networking industry-academia”
workshop “Networking of research centres”

This workshop report contains an overview of the ERASysAPP plenary session ‘Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in systems biology research’ at the international SB@NL2014 Systems Biology Symposium held in Maastricht (Dec 15 and 16, 2014). This plenary session initiated a dialogue between philosophers and systems biologists in the life sciences. The value and relevance of RRI in scientific work and research – even at a basic and curiosity-driven stage – was discussed. The aim of this report is to inform stakeholders like life science researchers and policy makers on the concept of RRI and make them aware of its relevance in application-oriented systems biology research projects. Read the report here.

Report on workshop on SRA improvement
This document reports on the workshop ‘Improvement of the Strategic research agenda’ held on January 15, 2014 in Zürich, Switzerland. The report provides an overview of both the organisation of the workshop as well as the output of round table discussions. These discussions form a strong basis for developing the strategic vision of ERASysAPP. Read the report here.

ERASysBio+ trends and recommendations
A summary on the development of systems biology in Europe, starting from the outcome of the ERASysBio+ programme and resulting in a number of recommendations. Read more..