WP2 Design, Implementation and Follow-up of Funding Activities of ERASysAPP

The main aim of WP2 is the identification of priority topics for call proposals linking the national RTD agendas of the ERASysAPP partners and the international research priorities in order to establish regular and integrated funding opportunities in the European Systems Biology field, encouraging a translational approach.

 WP 2 will cover all the preparatory work for joint funding activities, such as the selection of the topics, designing of the call governance, the creation of call texts, the development of applicant’s guidelines and other related support documents, as well as the implementation of the joint funding activities and their scientific follow-up. It is therefore a WP that will involve all ERASysAPP partners in one way or the other at different stages and levels of action. While the final decision about participation in a joint transnational call will follow a variable geometric system, discussions and selection of the specific topics and other aspects of each call will be done jointly by all the ERA-NET partners with the valuable help of the Scientific Advisory Board, composed by top experts in the SB field.

This work package will make use of previously obtained knowledge of ERASysAPP and its successor initiatives as well as of brand-new early results of WP5 and WP6 to contribute to an identification of call topics. Based on these experiences, WP2 will design and implement yearly joint SB transnational calls for research projects with a focus on application aspects.