WP4 Data Management

Systems Biology research integrates quantitative and experimental work with mathematical modelling. Hence, any kind of software allowing for this integrative and iterative process is a system-immanent and essential part of SB research. In almost all cases the software is not a stand-alone software solution, but a fully-integrated multifunctional software package that offers a broad variety of analyses and statistical and bioinformatics tools. This fact, the ultimate need for sharing and exchanging SB models that are created with specific software packages within the community and the ultimate need to verify and validate models, e.g. in peer reviewing processes or scientific grant proposals and publications, very early gave rise to the widely accepted view that standards and validated DM systems are a “must” for SB research.

As already stated above, the goal of ERASysAPP is to continue the successful work of ERASysBio as well as to add new activities and topics to the different work packages of ERASysAPP. This intention particular holds true with respect to DM issues. In ERASysBio, DM has been an important and most successful activity. Apart from several training events such as a number of summer schools, which were thematically related to DM, it has been mainly the topic DM in the two SysMO calls (SysMO Seek, https://seek.sysmodb.org/), which has attracted lots of attention in- and outside of various SB initiatives.

Since these positive results have been achieved during the funding period of ongoing projects, the overall effect of a fully functional DM system supporting the scientific projects from the first day of the funding period remains to be tested.  One of the most important objectives of ERASysAPP is the implementation and execution of the above mentioned important DM recommendations by ERASysBio. Our consortium will add further means and activities and will modify already existing DM activities to adapt them to the current situation and the needs of present SB research in the ERA. On the basis of the ERASysBio future recommendations, ERASysAPP has identified a number of tasks and aims related to the field of DM:

Establishment of DM workshops on a frequent basis

  1. Setting standards in DM.
  2. Support DM development.
  3. Support training and education.
  4. Setting new standards for citation of data.

Please download the ERASysAPP Data Sharing Policy.