WP6 Monitoring

While building on the previous ERANETs on SB, WP6 is designed to gather the relevant information on SB at national and international levels, in order to set up a long-term sustainable development programme. An inventory of the participants’ national programmes in the field of SB as well as the European and international activities will be gathered. The expectations and the input of the scientists and other stakeholders will be essential to define the long-term research agenda and develop a long-term sustainable RTD cooperation framework.

The work packages tasks are:

  1. Assessing the impact of funding activities.
  2. Update and improvement of the strategic research agenda and subsequent aligning and improving the SRA.
  3. Design a questionnaire based on needs and expectations of the stakeholders.
  4. Exploration of the operational and administrative procedures for establishing the recommendations for future activities.
  5. Framework concept and scenario models on long-term RTD cooperation.
  6. Ethical issues, societal issues, legal issues.