ERASysAPP - ERA-Net for Systems Biology Applications

A novel Europe-wide initiative has been launched to coordinate and enhance research opportunities in the emerging scientific field of Systems Biology. A total of 16 funding agencies/partners cooperate within the novel ERA-Net for Applied Systems Biology ERASysAPP. This ERA-Net predominantly aims at funding transnational Applied Systems Biology research, encouraging institutions and scientists from different countries, EU Member States as well as others, to network and share existing resources.

Results of the 2nd transnational ERASysAPP call

In October 29, 2014 the ERA-NET ERASysAPP launched its second joint transnational call on «Further Transfer of Systems Biology Knowledge into Applications» which aims to encourage scientists from the participating countries to collaborate and share resources beyond national boundaries. In an one-step peer review process five proposals comprising more than 25 research groups from 7 countries were chosen to receive funding.
A list of the funded projects is now available online.


Traditional research in the molecular life sciences has studied the properties of individual molecules, such as proteins, in an attempt to understand biological phenomena. Systems biology extends such studies by employing a systemic view on the exploration of biological questions and the investigation of living organisms. Specifically, systems biology studies how biological properties are determined by the interaction of such molecules. For this, systems biology creates mathematical models from iterative cycles of experiments, data evaluation and uses computer simulations to understand biological networks. Following a decade of basic research, systems biology has now accomplished a potential to shape future answers to urging economic, environmental and societal problems of the 21st century. It provides sustainable tools and means for a novel type of medical care, industrial compound production and 3rd generation biofuels, in addition to providing exciting insights into fundamental biological mechanisms.

ERASysAPP's Objectives

The main objective of the ERA-Net proposal Systems Biology Applications - ERASysAPP (app = application = translational systems biology) is to promote multidimensional and complementary European systems biology projects, programmes and research initiatives on a number of selected research topics. Inter alia, ERASysAPP will initiate, execute and monitor a number of joint transnational calls on systems biology research projects with a particular focus on applications - or in other words .... .